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My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Channels

I have decided to start a new series where I tell basically let you know what my favorite artists, books, blogs are and what I am currently in love with. I hope you like it and that this will help you know me better.

Today’s favorite list consists of YouTube channels I cannot get enough of, what I have subscribed to and what I can’t go a day without watching.

Some of them are very popular while some not so much. This list is a mix of both local and international channels that are extremely different in terms of content. This is why I have divided them according to content.


Obviously because of my interest in being a lifestyle writer I watch a lot of lifestyle channels on YouTube.

Starting with a few local ones I have always been a huge fan of ThisIsEss (Sharon Mundia) and I have become even more obsessed now with the new content.

I’m also a big fan of Wabosha Maxine, I like her creativity.

Even though I don’t use makeup, I enjoy watching Joanna Kinuthia as well. Her channel is very interesting.

On the international front, Marzia is my favorite. I find her channel so wholesome; it’s funny, creative, and educative and just has amazing content.


Based on the time I spend playing video games, it’s a must that I am subscribed to a few gaming channels on YouTube.

I spend a lot of time playing Sims and so most of the gaming channels are based on Sims.

My all-time favorite has to Clare Siobhan; I cannot describe just how much I love her Sims series. I find her content to be very creative.

Honestly, this is the only gaming channel I subscribe to on YouTube; if you know of any other great Simmers please let me know.

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Now I don’t know about you but I love reaction channels. I got into it because of my love for K-pop which is why most of my favorite channels are about K-Pop.

The very first reaction channel I ever subscribed to was SALV & FAMILY. Not only do they have reactions but their original music is really good.

I am also a very big fan of DKDKTV, these guys are funny and their reactions are quite informative.

The next one would be TerryTV, honestly, I am kind of obsessed. This is one channel definitely worth checking out if you love humor and sarcasm.

Honorable mentions

Obviously, I can’t put down every single channel I love on YouTube, we would be here all week, so here are a few notable ones that I enjoy as well.


Rachel Kim

Patricia Kihoro – She is one funny lady

There you go, what are some of your favorite YouTube Channels? Let me know in the comment section.


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