Struggle LoveMy Thoughts

I Don’t Want Struggle Love And You Shouldn’t Either

Struggle love, this is not a term I coined; I came across it on someone’s Instagram. The post spoke to me because it was talking about how society has glorified relationships that are tragic and unhappy. People are romanticizing physically and mentally abusive relationships as well as relationships full of unfaithfulness. The ‘#goals’ wave has made it seem like such …

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Healthy RelationshipsMy Thoughts, Relationships

5 Sure Ways To Ensure You Have Healthy Relationships

Most relationships nowadays are toxic and harmful. Whether it is your relationship with friends, family or your partner .So, how do you avoid this pit that most people seem to fall into? Most people forget that they have power to determine the kind of relationship they have with someone. Personally I am not for toxic or draining relationships even with …

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