Giving Great Advice

Relationships: Tips On How To Giving Great Advice

We all make choices in this life some bad and others great. The difference between us is how we handle the consequences of our choices. I say this because recently a friend of mine asked me if I thought she was right to leave her boyfriend now I am never one to interfere because it always ends badly for me.

I mean I don’t want to be the one telling you how bad I always thought your partner was only for you to get back together a week later. So I stay quiet and silently judge. Which I must admit is a bit hypocritical of me. But I’m not about to change that.

Anyway back to my friend, so I ask her do you think you made the right choice? Classic maneuver when I don’t want to answer any question I always turn it on the one asking. So as she tells me how he mistreated her and wasn’t any good. I try to figure out whether she wants me to talk her out of it or encourage her. She’s all over the place and its expected. I mean the girl is hurting.

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The funny bit is she goes so far as to ask what I would do in her situation. Now remember I am very single been that way for a l while. So anytime any of my friends ask me for relationship advice I end up feeling like a Jedi. Yes, I said Jedi you know the all-knowing and powerful in touch with the force and all that.

So I give advice with a disclaimer on how if things go south then I am not to blame. So I told my friend to leave the dirt-bag (her words not mine) not because I think he is selfish, egotistical, crazy, mean and just plain rude but because she thinks so too. And most importantly, she wasn’t happy.

Lucky for me it ended well, she now has her happy ever after with a bit of luck it will last forever. Moral of the story don’t leave someone because your friend said so take their opinion into consideration but follow your heart.

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As an adviser don’t let your feelings get in the way. Yes, you don’t like the person but if your friend is happy then keep off and slyly let your feelings known. After all they could end up married then you are stuck with someone you called an egotistical buffoon.

So for now I will continue giving relationship advice and hopefully I will get to put them in use one day too.

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