Say Goodbye

Relationships: When It Is Time To Say Goodbye

Why can’t she see this is bad for her? I kept asking myself every time she went back to him. I’m talking about a friend of mine let us call her Claire who for the love of all things great couldn’t seem to know she was in a toxic relationship.

Or so I thought. Turns out she knew the relationship was bad but she was too afraid to do anything about it.

Fear such a scary word I have to admit. I mean there’s the saying of there is no greater fear than fear itself. So I don’t really blame her. Well it’s more like I can’t. I have been where she was I know just how difficult it is to let go.

I mean after loving someone wholeheartedly the thought of having to start over again and the fact that it was all a big waste is pretty scary.

Although, at some point you become fed up. I got fed up and walked away. Yes, I doubted my decision once in a while but I knew I couldn’t go back hell, I didn’t want to go back. So whenever people asked me why can’t you tell Claire to just leave? My answer was simple she won’t leave unless she is truly ready.

So I understood what Claire was going through and as a result I kept my mouth shut. However, that does not mean I didn’t make my displeasure known. Then one day out of the blue, I didn’t even know they were having problems.

She turns to me and says I left him. Now I was torn between jumping for joy and being sad. Because I could see she was devastated.

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So I let her deal with it on her own but made sure she knew I was there for her. Was I afraid she would go back to him? Yes, every day for about a month then I realized she doesn’t want to. I praise her for the courage to leave and not go back.

As I write this I can see the smile on her face and it is the happiest I have seen her in long time.

Moral of the story, even if you think it’s the end remember it is the beginning of a new journey a journey of rediscovering yourself and making your own path. So for those not strong enough to let go remember you deserve better. You deserve more than sadness and you definitely deserve to feel loved.

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