Relationships: Stop Trying To Change Him

Stop trying to change him.

Ladies its time you stop thinking that you can change a man. There’s only one thing that can make a man change his ways and that is himself. He needs to decide that he will change for you otherwise you will be wasting your time.

Why would you think that even though he doesn’t buy you gifts at the beginning of your relationship, somewhere along the line (3 years later) he will suddenly become the greatest gift giver ever?

Just because you want your man to be something it doesn’t mean he will become it unless he truly wants to.

That said there are things you can change about your man. Like how he dresses, I believe that if you want a guy who dresses a certain way then buy your man those types of clothes and give his old ones away to charity or something. If they are the only clothes in his closet, he will have no choice in the matter.

His diet is also something you can try and change. This is easier for the couple that lives together. Cook him the type of food you want him to eat. Buy him the perfume you want him to use, make him smell the way you want. You could even go as far as changing what soap he uses.

But what you cannot change is his character. There is no manipulating that. Some have succeeded but it can only last so long. So if you want a guy who takes you to fancy places please don’t date a guy who doesn’t know the difference between desert and an appetizer.

Stop stressing men out by trying to make them something they are not. Do you want a romantic partner? Don’t date a guy who doesn’t even call before he goes to sleep. You will end up being in a miserable relationship.

Date the type of person you want, not the type you think you can make what you want. So ladies please leave men be and stop trying to change them. If he isn’t what you want right now, he won’t ever be.

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