Reasons Why He Is Not Going To Propose

So you have been in a relationship for over 5 years and you keep hoping he will get down on one knee very soon. moved in with him and now you are acting like the wife with no ring on your finger.

Okay I am a firm believer in progressing in your relationship. If you are stuck at a certain point in your relationship something is wrong.

I am not saying dating for long is wrong, but if you date someone for 6 years and there is no talk of babies or marriage then you need to analyze that situation.

Keep acting like the wife and you will never become one. I mean the guy is getting cooked meals clean clothes, regular sex and a lot more without having to marry you. Well you don’t expect him to try and change that do you?

I mean look at it this way there are people who dated for a long time and ended up getting married but even they didn’t wait 7 years for a ring. Unless the man goes to your parents and tells them he plans on marrying you and introduces himself, then you need to move on.

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If you are talking kids without the ring then at least you know he wants you in his life forever. In my opinion if a guy hasn’t proposed 7 years down the line he isn’t going to do it. Men generally go after what they want and if he wanted to marry you even without the diamond ring he will still ask you to move in with him as his wife not a girlfriend.

So next time you are in a 7 year relationship think of how much time you are wasting especially if he never proposes. Can you imagine ending a 7 year relationship and having to start over? It is said men know instantly whether they want to marry a certain woman. So if he is still thinking about whether he wants to marry you. The answer is he doesn’t.

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Why won't he propose?

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