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moral compass for indecency



So the cases of women being stripped because of what they have worn in this country have increased.It is a shame that people who are considered adults and grown up behave like people who have never seen a classroom.I am pissed off, not only because they are treating young girls like they aren’t human but because they seem to forget that they were born by a woman, they are married to women and they have daughters.Who gives you the right to say what I have worn is indecent?what do you use to measure indecency?If I can walk around comfortably with what i have worn what is it to you?You do not have to look at me if you think am indecent.You could just as easily look away.

It gets even worse because after you remove someones clothes you end up defiling them.Do you not think it is inhuman to undress someone in public and then defile them?I find this to be a way of men abusing women.These unscrupulous people have decided to undress women just to satisfy their pervert needs.Let us not pretend like there is some moral push to what is happening,these are just people with nothing better to do than to waste there time and terrorize young people.I mean girls have been dressing like this for over ten years now yet now they feel that it is wrong?

Let us not forget that there is no law that dictates how people should dress.We are a free country and people are allowed to dress however they feel.Which  brings me to the question of where are our so called protectors when all of this is happening.Most of the girls who have been stripped were undressed during the day out in the streets.So where were the police officers who are supposed to be protecting every citizen from harm and danger.Further more why are the people who were caught not charged with attempted rape?I think they should be given maximum sentence.

I think it is up to women to save ourselves,like the woman from Nyeri who taught the man trying to strip her a lesson.It is time we took a stand and not just holding demonstrations but taking action.When someone attacks you your supposed to fight back.These incidences wont just stop,we need to come together as women and stop these en ourselves.However not all men think like these illiterates,some men do actually believe in the freedom of choice.freedom to choose what to wear and what not to wear.Further more women in the old times before Western colonization did not wear clothes.In most tribes women walked around with exposed breasts.Let us not bury our heads in the sand and pretend like none of this is happening just because it does not directly affect us.

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