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What I Learnt As A 21 Year Old.

My birthday just passed and as cliché as it would sound. I have learnt a lot this past year. I have also changed a lot in some areas for the better while others not so much.

For one I feel more confident in myself. I feel like I finally know where I am headed and what I want to achieve.

I have made plans for my life and I’m glad to say I am on that path. Is it the right path for me? I don’t know, but I do know that I will stick with it and see where it leads.

I am learning that I have to make my own happiness. I no longer look to other people to make me happy. This has done wonders for me. I can eat at a restaurant on my own I do not need company to feel enjoy myself.

I have become more daring. I always told myself that when I’m 22 I will travel the world with my friends. Though somewhat this is happening, I am currently planning a solo trip. I haven’t settled on the place yet.

I want to travel and experience new things, meet new people and grow as an individual in the process. So, I’m looking for budget options that will allow me to do that. (You can offer any tips you may have. It will highly be appreciated)

I may have lost some friends and to be honest I don’t really care. I do not want fake around me. I have plans for my life and I do not have time to entertain drama.

I have become a bad friend. Yes I don’t talk to my friends as much as I should. But this is largely because I never credit so it’s more like I can’t.

I haven’t been reading as much. I remember a time when I always had a book with me. I love reading which is probably why I love writing. I find reading therapeutic which is why I am disappointed in myself. So I plan on reading more I want to have read at least 50 books.

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