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I Don’t Want Struggle Love And You Shouldn’t Either

Struggle love, this is not a term I coined; I came across it on someone’s Instagram. The post spoke to me because it was talking about how society has glorified relationships that are tragic and unhappy. People are romanticizing physically and mentally abusive relationships as well as relationships full of unfaithfulness.

The ‘#goals’ wave has made it seem like such turbulent relationships are what young people need to look for.

Mostly this stems from the perception that you can change the other person, which sadly isn’t true. People don’t change their priorities do. So you need to stop thinking that you can make him or her something they are not.

I believe that love shouldn’t hurt, don’t get me wrong, no relationship can be perfect but you should be happy more times than you are sad or hurting.

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We are always inspired by the long love stories we hear about how people overcame all these tough situations and are happy now.  Good for you but I am not looking for a love story full of heartbreak.

I want a story that doesn’t hurt but one that inspires happiness and one I would be willing to relive.

Struggle Love

So if the relationship is abusive leave, if the person is unfaithful dump them. I know this is easier said than done, but I know people who have left and are living a better life. I believe that when someone is ready to leave, they will.

What you need to ensure is that you are not staying in a bad relationship because of what society thinks or what you have been made to believe ‘true love’ is.

It’s okay to be a single parent, some of us were raised by one and we turned out fine, don’t let fear keep you in a bad situation. Fear of being alone, fear of the unknown or even fear of having no support.

Relationships are hard especially now where having someone on the side is considered normal and okay instead of good old faithfulness.

It’s okay to be a ‘ride or die’ but not at the expense of your own happiness.

A person intentionally and continuously hurts you does not love you, don’t be a victim of struggle love, it’s time we stop acting like it’s okay and start asking for better when it comes to love.

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I Don’t Want Struggle Love

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