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Plea of young kids


so I was watching news yesterday and to be honest I was really disappointed by the so called leaders in this country.I found it really sickening that a county with a senator, governor, mp, women rep. and even MCA’s, does not have proper schools.I mean what is a school without desks and even exercise books?It truly is sad that young children who deserve to have a good education lack these basic necessities that will help them prosper in  life.

How do we expect to eradicate poverty in this country if the people we expect to do this cant get basic education.where are the leaders of this counties when children have to write on soil.when a school cant even afford desks and the local government either has no knowledge of this or simply does not care because there living in Nairobi while the people who voted for them  are suffering.where is the ministry of education?They should have people who check on every school in the country to ensure children enjoy the so called free education.

I am sorry if I don’t believe in incompetence when it comes to the future of young kids and this country.What is the job of the education officer?what is he or she being paid to do?it’s the 21st century and we are still dealing with poverty and ignorance(read illiteracy)things we were dealing with some 50 years ago after independence.It is time people in this country woke up to the reality that the leaders are to busy filling there pockets to give a damn about the people who put them in those positions.

It is time Kenyans stood up for themselves to demand service and results from the leaders.However, I was happy to see that Donate a Book Kenya has done an amazing job of providing books to the children.Hopefully the fate of those children will change and the government would put in more effort.

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