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5 Sure Ways To Ensure You Have Healthy Relationships

Most relationships nowadays are toxic and harmful. Whether it is your relationship with friends, family or your partner .So, how do you avoid this pit that most people seem to fall into?

Most people forget that they have power to determine the kind of relationship they have with someone. Personally I am not for toxic or draining relationships even with my family.

So how do you ensure you have a healthy relationship with someone?

Here are some simple ways to ensure you have healthy relationships

1. Talk To Each other

In any relationship communication is very important. You need to be able to communicate with one another in order to ensure you live in harmony and get rid of any misunderstandings.

You need to speak up when something is bothering you. Bottling things up doesn’t help anyone because it pretty much leads to resentment.

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Someone might be doing something that offends or annoys you and because you do not mention this, they continue doing it without knowing that they are getting on your nerves. This will eventually lead to conflict and they won’t understand where the issues came from.

So, honest and open communication is very important if you wish to have a healthy relationship.

2. Respect one another

Everyone wants to feel respected. We all want to feel like our contributions, feelings and opinions are valued.

Remember, respect is a two way street in order to be respected you have to respect others. So do not just focus on your ideas, values and opinions and completely disregard those of the other person.

Without mutual respect you will end up having a lot of conflict which then makes it impossible to have a healthy relationship with this person.

3. Compromise

This is a virtue even I need to work on. Most people want things their way or no other way forgetting that the other person has an opinion and matters as well.

Compromising is a good way to resolve conflicts in relationships in a healthy manner. Therefore, you should ensure that whenever a disagreement occurs in your relationship like it normally does, you should ensure you find a common ground and come up with a solution that is fair for all parties involved.

4. Support each other

Relationships are about building each other up and helping one another grow into a better version of themselves. Therefore to ensure you have a healthy relationship you should always be supportive of the other person.

If your friend wants to try something new that will help them grow, don’t be jealous and try to discourage them, show them that you are supportive and this will ensure that when it is your turn you will receive the same support. If not, it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

In a relationship never be the one to bring someone down and make them doubt themselves or smother their success. That way you will have a healthy relationship.

5. Give each other space

Just because you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking moment with them.

You should all have time to be with your friends or even alone. This will ensure that your individuality is not lost and that you do not become too co-dependent on each other.

A healthy relationship is made up of people who don’t need to be together to survive but choose to be together.

Do you have any other tips on maintaining healthy relationships? Share them below.


  1. Eston M.K

    Great piece Miss. I also think (and from experience) that the foundation of any infinite great relationship must be founded on “best friend-ship”. Your partner must be, first and foremost, your “first class best friend”. Why? That when everything else wanes away, your friendship shall sustain you to the end of times…

    1. Michelle

      Thank you Eston. I actually completely agree with you. Being best friends makes the relationship stronger.

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