5 Types of Men You Should Never Date

5 Types of Men You Should Never Date

Are there men you should never date? Yes, there are men that a woman should never ever want to be associated with let alone date. These men take everything from you and leave you drained.

They are the type of men who can turn a perfectly nice woman into a nut case. Ladies pay close attention these are the men you should run away from like the plague.

Here is a list of types of men you should never date.

1. Mr. Clingy

Yes, we all want a man who needs us for some reason some people find this endearing. However, there is a thin line between needing you and clingy.

This type of man always comes with emotional baggage that is just too much to handle.

Men who call and text constantly, are always telling you how they miss you (yet you saw each other an hour ago), always asks for reassurance that you still love him, wants to hang out with you all the time and never really gives you breathing space should be avoided at all costs.

Nobody wants to deal with an overbearing man all the time. You will not want to deal with someone who cannot allow you to have a separate life from him.

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2. Mr. Volatile

Not to be confused with Mr. Mood swings who although not ideal can be forgiven because you are probably moodier than he is.

This person is completely emotionally unstable. One minute he is fine and you are laughing and having fun the next he is angry and doesn’t talk to you at all without any reason at all.

The first issue is that such a relationship can be dangerous especially if the person cannot control themselves and ends up being violent.

Secondly, as an individual, such a relationship will leave you emotionally drained. This is because you will spend most of your time trying to figure out what is wrong and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

3. Mr. Childish

This is the guy who refuses to grow up. He still thinks and acts like a child. He will view you as his mother and will, in turn, expect you to take care of him.

This man has the habit of spending all their time betting so that he can get money to go out instead of looking for a job. He spends all day playing FIFA with his friends or even alone.

He will expect that just because he is in a relationship he doesn’t have to do his laundry, cook or even wash the dishes.

So please ladies do not date the guy who wants you to be his mother.

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4. Mr. Selfish

The other guy you should never date is the selfish one. He never thinks about you or your needs. It’s all him all the time.

This is the guy who will never ask you how your day was but will spend hours telling you how his day was. This type of man doesn’t care about your feelings, future plans or anything like that.

You will find yourself agreeing to things you do not enjoy doing just because he enjoys them. Like going camping even though you do not understand why people are willing to sleep in tents outside when they could be in a comfortable bed watching The Flash.

When you date a guy like this you will slowly lose yourself and eventually find that your whole existence is now about him.

5. Mr. Flirt

This is the worst kind of man and one you should never date unless you are looking for someone to have fun with.

This man will flirt with any female they come across. He will blatantly disrespect you by flirting with the waitress when you are out on a date and always has a couple of females he is chatting with he calls babe or some other pet name.

With such a man you will never have anything serious, not to mention the constant heartaches and stress because of all the females around him.

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Type of Men You Should Never Date

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