5 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Way Too Fast

I have a friend who fell in love. Now I know this because she declared it to the whole world via Instagram posts of the guy, love quotes and beautiful memes. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (if you are into that sort of thing) love is beautiful and should be celebrated. The only problem is she has known this guy for only two weeks.

Whereas there are some people who believe that you can fall in love with someone after just one day. I don’t belong to this school of thought and as such don’t believe you can fall in love at first sight (leave that to the soaps and movies.)

Now you’re probably thinking that it is none of my business and I should just be happy for her. There is only one problem though she has been in love 3 times over the last year and I have seen her get hurt a lot.

So it got me thinking how many of us move too fast in relationships, there was an article on one of the daily’s last week talking about how people get into serious relationships without even knowing it. One day you are having coffee dates and the next you are living together.

The aftermath of this is almost always heartbreak and torment. So I put together a list of signs that will help you figure out if you are moving way too fast in your relationship.

Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

1. You Jump Right Into Meeting The Friends And Family

No one wants to date someone and not know any of their friends or relatives. This is usually associated with people who have something to hide, like another family.

But I digress, it is obviously important that the person you are dating gets along with your friends and family you with theirs but there is a timeline to meeting them and barely a week after dating is not it.

It’s a red flag when after dating someone for a week they invite you to a family function.

It is also important to remember that, focusing too much on becoming friends with their friends and submerging yourself completely into their social circle can lead to a co-dependency that will eventually be the end of that relationship.

2. You Fight Over All The Day-To-Day Things

Fights are good in a relationship but not all the time and not about very basic things. If you are always fighting about texting habits, leaving shoes in the wrong place yet you write each other love poems all the time then you might want to consider that you are in lust not love.

3. You Make A Big Decision Way Too Soon

This is one of the major red flags that you need to look out for. Have you just started dating and are already talking about moving in together?

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There is no right time to move in together really, however, it is a big decision and if done too early, it can cause serious rifts in the relationship and end up tearing it apart.

You need to step back and think through such decisions because they could end up killing a good relationship.

4. Too Much Over The Top Gestures

Romantic gestures need to be there in order to keep the sparks in a relationship. However, if overdone it is usually a sign that something is not right, especially if it happens early on in the relationship.

This is a tool usually used by manipulative people who want to control where your relationship goes and because you are so swept away by the grand gestures you only realize it when it’s too late.

I’m not saying be wary of everyone who does anything romantic it is the ones who overdo it that you should be concerned about.

5. Avoiding the Real World

At the beginning of a relationship, you will be forgiven for disappearing into each other, this is the honeymoon phase where you want to spend all your time with each other.

However, after a while, you have to test your relationship in the real world. Can your relationship survive not spending every free time with each other? Avoiding this means that subconsciously you know it might not survive.

You need to ensure that you don’t completely disappear and isolate your friends in the name of making the relationship work. You need to have a social life outside your significant other.

Have you been a victim of moving too fast?

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast


  1. Useful relationship tips here. I too like a relationship that is developed overtime, not that fast.

    1. Hi John, thanks for reading. I believe things should move slowly, that’s how people have meaningful relationships.

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